Exploring theology and faith through podcasts

A relatively new method of learning about religion is listening to podcasts, and it’s easy to see their merits. Not only can they reach the faithful but they can also give those still searching an insider’s look at different faiths. And as a student of theology, I’ve found a few podcasts to be a cut above the rest in introducing people to different beliefs.

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“Research on Religion” by Tony Gill is not really about theological issues per se, but it does explore how religion (religious institutions and the like) affects and operates in the world.

The multi-faith “Interfaith Voices” hosted by Maureen Fiedler was created as a response to 9/11, and it exists as an avenue for fostering respectful and educational dialogues across different beliefs and religions.

Though not specifically about religion, the popular podcast “Smartest Person in the Room” recently had a very engaging 7-episode series on religion. Titles included “Judaism as a Cultural Identity” and “When God Goes Silent,” the latter being about one man’s shift from Christianity to atheism and back again.

Listeners looking for a deep dive into particular faiths will find that there’s a wealth of options available. For instance, Christian artists’ collective “The Liturgists” hosts a podcast featuring music, meditation, and storytelling while Rabbi Rick Jacobs’ “On the Other Hand” gives brief yet applicable-to-modern-living commentaries on Reform Judaism. There’s “Secular Buddhism with Noah Rasheta” for learning about Buddhist philosophies through a more pragmatic lens, or for a more traditional and spiritual take, there’s “Buddhism Guide” hosted by Karma Yeshe Rabgye. Those who want to hear about what it’s like to be an American Muslim woman will want to subscribe to “#GoodMuslimBadMuslim.”

Fortunately for those curious about theology and faith, there seem to be podcasts for a wide gamut of beliefs from Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Baha’i, to even agnosticism, making the study (or practice) of religion easily available to anyone!

Image source: acast.com

Hello! I’m David Turlington, a theology major, and I tend to write a lot about different religious beliefs and philosophies. If these topics also interest you, follow me on Twitter for more updates on what I’ve been learning!


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