Connecting Religion To Psychology And Therapy

A study was conducted recently that showed eight out of 10 clinical social workers believed that an open discussion about religion and spirituality with patients had a positive effect on ongoing therapy. A few of these social workers though ventured into using religion as a means of therapy.

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It has been found that talking to a patient about his religious beliefs can benefit him psychologically and to a degree, stabilize and relax his mind. This comes as a surprise to many psychotherapists because throughout history, religion and psychology (and science in general) have had clashing concepts on what heals a person.

It may be a good idea now for patients in therapy to look for therapists who share the same beliefs they do. Another way to go at it is to find secular therapists who are still comfortable talking to people about religion.

While there is still no solid rule that ties everything up between psychotherapy and religion, many forms of incorporating religion in therapy are being researched and developed. It has also been found that it would be good to start the mixed process talking about religion at its most basic and go from there.

Many psychologists are quick to point out that perhaps it is the profound significance of religion to a person that has a psychosomatic effect, increasing brain and cardiovascular activity, thus aiding in overall therapy.

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I’mDavid Turlington. I have always been fascinated by the cultural concept of religion and other belief systems that is why I became a theology major. For more about me and the wonderful study of religion, check out this page.


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